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Mid-Missouri Tool & Die, located just 70 miles outsideof Kansas City, is currently in its tenth year of operation.

In early 2009, industry masters Tony Machado and James Zade made a commitment—to build the finest hand-crafted molds on time andat a competitive price. They have honored that commitment ever since, hiringskilled craftsman and utilizing state-of-the-art technology in order to ensureour clients satisfaction and ease of mind.

Since 2009, Mid Missouri Tool & Die has shown steady growth and has expanded its capabilities to include the production of injection molded parts. The ability to build, modify, repair, and maintain the molds in the same facility that the finished parts are produced helps Mid Missouri Tool & Die to ensure the quality and on time deliver of every part.

Mid-Missouri Tool & Die prides itself on working together with customers to achieve high levels of quality from the first meeting to the final delivery. Contact us for more information.